What We Offer

Individual and Group Music Therapy Sessions

Individual and group music therapy sessions are offered within Halifax Regional Municipality by Heartsparks.

We specialize in working with:

Children, Youth & Adults with Special Needs

Because of its unique non-verbal form, music is often an ideal medium to reach individuals with special needs. Often music therapists work in conjunction with other members of a treatment team and find creative ways to help individuals to interact socially, develop verbal and non-verbal communication, encourage self-expression and creativity, promote sensory integration, increase attention span, facilitate learning of basic academic concepts, improve motor skills, and most importantly, improve self-concept.


Youth at Risk

Music therapy with teenagers has been described as “sneak therapy” because it is non-threatening in nature and is readily accepted without resistance. Through active music-making, youth are given the opportunity to find talents and strengths within themselves, which may otherwise go unrecognized. Activities such as listening to and discussing lyrics, private music lessons, song-writing, improvisation, using music technology, group music games, and musical art projects are very effective in helping youth to practice personal control, develop creative self-expression and promote meaningful social interaction. The more challenging the music therapy experience, the more pride the participant feels upon completion of the experience, and the healthier their self-concept will become.